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retro video games

ughhh...since when did these things become retro?! here comes a memory from the memory vaults!

i remember when i was younger, and the orginal ninentos, sony gamegears, gameboys, etc. were terribly popular. we could never afford's ironic how i had gotten a game boy in decent shape for a quarter and a second one on amazon for 20 bucks. and now, you can find emulators....i can even put some on my iphone that let you play these games! i used to play the junglebook game on a former friend's game gear, and castlevania i'd play on my parent's friend's son's nintendo. he was rarely around, and didn't care as long as i didn't break it. i used to play that thing for hours whilst my mum and her friend would chat, and my father and his friend would be in the cellar playing dungeons and dragons or checking out models or whatever it is guys do down there for hours. they'd apologize to me because we wouldn't go home till like 2 or 3 in the morning, and i didn't mind. i had a blast. it's odd seems like eons since my father past, yet doesn't seem that long ago. it's funny because that kid is now a divorcee with kids, and i'm counting 8 years with mr catface on the 15th. this kid was 5 years older than me, and he was a great guy when he was younger. he got into some pretty messed up stuff and seems to never have gotten out of it. i hope he will eventually.

if you want to play these games, direct links are here -,_the_%28game_gear%29/,_the/

i'm such a almost consider finding an old game gear and maybe the tv tuner thing for it, with the game cartidge for the junglebook....just because i loved playing that thing and kind of miss it. and now it's far cheaper than it was back then!

Change of times

Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

It feels situation is a complete 360 of when i was young. I really understand from both sides how my mother and others in her place feel. however, i also understand the tough choices they had to make for me when i was not well. i remember how when id see movies or shows, id become more depressed because the outside world seemed like a dream. for many years i couldn't understand why my parents had done what they did, especially when ids cry and scream for them not to have me in hospital, and now i'm the parent, making the tough decisions. but i also know that i have to ensure that her safety and health are tsaken under consideration. the things that play in my mind of her when she's unnattended, or attended by someone who hasnt enough authority to give her the right care she needs freeps my head sometimes. if he falls or has another infection and high fever, or goes on one of her emotional rampages, the proper care is right at hand. it's a challenge to juggle everything on the outside basically solo because right now cat face has his own issues (which im also juggling in that mix!) so he's of little help, though i know he wishes he could do more. his being in my life is a blessing alone...and not just because he's breathtakingly cute, though that doesn't hurt! Grey bard does her usual amazingness - she's the other rock - she brought me food for christmas, she's there when i'm ready to crack, and is the support team of about 6 people. so behind my own enigma, are a team of others keeping me propped up so i don't fall over and smash to bits. i don't know if my parents had this or not, but whatever - it's teaching me alot about life. things i used to be afraid to deal with, become a problem that needs to be solved, not a stumbling block. when i face challenges, i have to trudge thru them. :)

Mary Hopkin - Those Were The Days - Mary Hopkin .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

New years and cool stuff

Ok, moving onto to new years....i must confess for a moment though - it felt good to mention a few christmasy posts, even though i want to be perfectly clear (and everyone who knows me well enough doesn't need me to clarify this) that i am happy not being christian, and i am happy not to preach something i don't beleive, and thsat i hate preaching unless it's something that benifits everyone universally. (such as morals). but frankly, i dont cade too much for preaching, i'm more a show and teach hands on person. so, with that aside, i want to reflect a bit on the year, then prepare for what's coming ahead (ahhh those coming attractions!)

i feel that overall, there were alot of things i wanted to accomplish and i have not. i feel bad about this, but i also know i have learned alot and grown alot too sand am grateful for THAT. it has been an emotional year (like most are). I still have much to face this coming year - continuing my fight against western exploitation of our cultures, dealing with problems for cat face ji and i vs. the government (the ever prevalent bastard system that it is), starting going to the gym so i can take care of my body better, dealing with my mum's health situation(s), and everything else that is associated with the above and my independent life with catface ji.

now onto less serious stuff....

for those of you who need to see the ball drop whilst mobile or via web for whatever reason -

Watch live streaming video from 2010 at

Mi volas brakumi tiun sciuron.
I want to hug that squirrel.

Bonvolu alsendi la pordiston? Lausajne estas rano en mia bideo!
Could you please send for the hall porter? There appears to be a frog in my bidet!

Mielestäni teillä on söpö presidentti.
I think you have a cute president.

Käyhän että tuon kannettavani saunaan?
Is it OK if I bring my laptop in the sauna?

awesome funny stuff!

and check this out!

there's some wierd but awesome stuff...and glowy crap always rocks. alot of it is pretty cheap too. so maybe next time grey bard or cat face and i go to a big concert, ill stock up on some goodies and bring them along. or even for next 4th of july!

rave parties r famous for glow in the dark stuff. i wouldn't mind rave parties if they didnt have sex drugs and drinking.

they look fun, but im not into the dangerous life. i can simulate it with my graphics editors n such just as nicely. im into the music and balcklights/glowsticks stuff but not the rest of it.

which reminds me...when i was younger, jnco's were the must have. for both girls n guys alike. they were worn with huge wide legs, some as much as 50 inches wide. i still like the look as long as long as they don't dip below the bumline. (as long as they remain on the waist where they belong. mor

these jeans were always pricy, and still remain so. the second link has really cool ones, but those are for even more huge wallets than the kikwears n jncos. i still find jncos at second hand stores sumtimes but the really huge legged ones always seem to escape me.
i'd *almost* pay for these if i had the wallet full -

they win the coolest pants in a long time award!

im also into the skinny jeans look -

but again i will not pay crazy prices for clothes unless they are REALLY worth it. these don't fall under that category.

and as i prepare for the body makeover ahead, i also found some treats that are smart and not bad.

the dollar store i visit that has the neat food stocks these bags of snacks made of corn beans peas n peanuts. they're really good. i like the mixed veggies in a bag idea....and they r seasoned. so they're not boring.

i also tried these mint chocolate zone bars because they looked interesting and i was hungry but not hungry enough for a full meal or a sandwich. they r pretty good. i sumtimes get cravings for mint chocolate chip ice cream and these kinda take care of that.

then there's another long time secret treat of mine. its secret because when i tell you this you'll think i'm batshit boogaloo. pooch passions freeze dried ice creams. its freeze dried, regular ice cream, and unlike grey bard, i limit myself to these things. i don't eat cat or dog food. (if you ask her nicely, she might confess about *that*)

also very neat -

and it lasts for a good long time. :)

i probably mentioned this before but the jnco jeans memory reminded me of this -

and pepsi kona. i loved both of them. i also liked coca cola blak.

and pepsi blue also seems intriguing. pepsi white? yoghurt flavoured pepsi? i dunno....that i think may cross the barriers.

btw my fav words of the year are ass hat, most of the lolspeak, fail, and batshit boogaloo.

lastly, a freebie for u -

:) it's a cool sute for fireworks gifs.

for the holidays...

ਕਰਿਸਮ ਤੇ ਨਵਾੰ ਸਾਲ ਖੁਸ਼ਿਯਾੰਵਾਲਾ ਹੋਵੇ
शुभ क्रिसमस
नये साल की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें
සූබ නත්තලක්
أجمل التهاني بمناسبة الميلاد و حلول السنة الجديدة
ریسمس مبارک
سال نو مبارک
کرسمَس مبارک
نايا سال مبارک هو
بڑدا دنمبارک هو
শুভ বড়দিন
শুভ নববর্ষ
शुभ नाताळ
नवीन वर्षच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा
क्रस्मसको शुभकामना तथा नयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना
సంతోషకరమైన క్రిస్ఠ్మస్ !
మరియు నూతన సంవత్సర శుభాకాంక్షలు
İyi Noeller ve Mutlu Yıllar
İyi seneler / Yeni yılınız kutlu olsun
Yeni yılınızı kutlar, sağlık ve başarılar dileriz
Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal
Tand zul sariin bayriin bolon shine jiliin mendiig hurgey
חג מולד שמח ושנה טובה
אַ פֿרײליכע ניטל און אַ גוטער נײַער יאָר

since this is the christmsas season, and though i may not hold all the beliefs that the christians do, it doesn't mean that i can't share the joy and spirit of the season, or that i can't still give an occasional nod to those who are christian. ( a couple months back, i had an asshat who claimed i was an evangelist. i dunno where the hell he got that shite from, as they go around quoting the bible and have everything related to that stuff, and well i'm sure you know what they are about by now.and i am farthest from that!) with that in mind, my mother (who is catholic) had told me she was going to see the mindight mass (or not quite midnight mass, or whatever it is these days, because the start it at around 10 at the vatican now for the pope to get proper sleep. honestly!) even when i was christian and sang in the choir, we had ended around near midnight, not started. in any rate, you can see the mass live here -

you can see the nearly midnight mass when it happens, and the rest of the time, enjoy the scenery. frankly, i enjoy seeing the ceremony not for the religious aspect, but because the whole scene itself is just beautiful. it's a really beautiful done ceremony in an incredible work of architecture, and that's always whats drawn me to see it. i used to decorate our tree sumtimes as we watched it, and then have a treat with the family after. but i was never really that interested in the homily itself....i enjoyed watching the incredible achitecture and the glittery pomp of the ceremony.

for those of you who are christian and are interested, the vatican has its own youtube (which is ironic, you'd think famous people, places, etc. would have their own high tech things and not be interested in twitters, facebooks, myspaces, etc. or even youtube because it would seem so amature and would bring them too close to the public in ways that are unsavory and less secure....but apparently they do. look at all the celebrity fights that take place on these sites....though youtube seems the midlest of the lot, let it be mentioned.)'s the link for that -

and this was interesting...punjabis singing christmas songs -

and for those of you 5abis who visit their local church instead of gurdwara like me, you might like this -

then we have this interesting thing -

happy tabla ji is a hotass. just making note of this.

Ok so that's enough of that stuff. i got myself caught up in the christmas spriti now. :) now back to reality.

Univision, purity, dale chihuly, software and randomness

To start this thing off right, we'll begin with my mum's room mate. She's from peurto rico, and speaks very little english. We were afraid that she was going to along with my mum like her last similar roomate had. (she was on another floor, and the woman also didn't know english, and tried to beat her with her cane, amongst other things.) However, this lady turned out to be different. I think i'd mentioned about this a few weeks back. I am not latino, i am indian, and know very little spanish, but we have fun trying to interpret each other, and she tells us she loves us both. when she's in pain i give her a hug and she's so grateful. it makes me feel so good. her family is also very nice, and her one son is cute. :) oi...anyway.....the whole point of this was that she has on the univision station all day long. the first couple days she was with us it was unnervingly annoying, but i got used to it, and can even enjoy it a bit....even though i have no idea what they are saying. I found that you can see it online, so here's the link for that -

you can see all kinds of telly from around the world on this site, which makes it cooler yet.

Here's the good old desi stuff -

and here's another goodie i found....

watch inspector gadget online -

i forget if i had posted this before, but

get smart

thunder cats -

he man and she ra (for those who want to remeber the 80's, or who wanted to know about tv show from back then...which is eeries because i remember living through the 80's!~)

this was always an odd sort of show, but kind of a fascinating as well...i guess cuz of the spy aspect (danger mouse) -

and here's a christmas special that was oddly entertaining -

ok so enough from the realms of tv.

now onto art...

Dale Chihuly the amazing glass maker -

his work is tantalisingly fascinating and incredibly beautiful at the same time. it's a form of abstract glass art, and amazing.

and check this out -

and funky action figures

and what some people will do to their bodies

lmao -
it snowed last night. it's a shame, every year, i forget to get one of these (snow tube)

because my backyard is a hill. not a real steep one, but there's one of those nearby as well. it would be fun to go sledding with mr. cat face! :)

thankfully i can order more than just pizza online when i'm snowed in and stoves/ovens/etc. are not working (long story) -

also, i was looking up something and found out the backstory on why purity rings became popular. some celebrities such as the jonas brothers have been wearing them. they're a christian based fashion concept...

but you know, i must admit...i like the idea. even we sikhs are supposed to abstain till marraige and stay loyal to one partner for life. Some sikhs argue that it's acceptable for us to marry or have relations again after our spouse dies, but it's not. truly respectful sikhs will agree that if we lose our spouse, we devote the remaining of our time to helping the community and doing seva. i think the whole purity ring idea would be cool for all faiths, though you can't just wear the ring, you have to follow thru with the abstaining from the get go.

finally, last but not least -

this site has all kinds of cool freeware such as gimp, (if you are not aware, both are open source image programs similar to paintshop and photoshop and the like), audacity (open source audio editor) and jahshaka (open source video editors)

and all kinds of goodies for -

I'm a big fan of open source stuff, though I cobfess to using a mix of commercial and open source. Open source helps free commercial restrictions and develop stuff that are not only free, but often help the user do more than what commercial softwares do. open source also helps those who make the programs and such learn more by experimenting and studying their projects. it's of great benifit to all...

oh and here's a snack tip -

i recommend checking how her entire blog, it's rather entertaining. i was nibbling some chakali i hasd purchased washing them down with some coconut water as i was posting this entry. - Kaho Na Kaho - Mu .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

got my tooth out and cute goras

yeap, u read that right. cute goras. there r some who do exist. (thats why i'm writing this post!)

last week i had to get my tooth out. my dentist is a sweet awesome jewish guy with a great sense of humour. he also happens to know what i like (and what will pacify me so i don't 'accidently' kick him somewhere crucially important to male human life if he may cause pain during the procedure.). he handed me a magazine after he had done the first round of numbing my gummiez. it wsas some jewish mag which i can't remember offhand. it had two especially luring things - cute orthodox jewish mens with tons of face hair....n food recipes. the recipes were for marzipan fruits, orange marmalade and some kind of jewish pancake type things which i forget the name of. i did a search on jewish mags -

but can't find the name of the magazine or the pancak-y things i saw. they weren't latkes or blintzes...they had a more i believe hebrew name. so before sacrificing a tooth which, for a long time before the procedure has been a pain in my ass..i mean mouth, i got to enjoy some eye candy. i'm not trying to be disrespectful, thpough i am not jewish, nor do i wish to become jewish, though i do enjoy learning about their faith alot....i like learning about many faiths because it's interesting and keeps you open minded. arm your mind with proper information and you can do much good for society by teaching proper respect between different people. this is one of the best ways to promote peace if you're REALLY trying. i relaised long ago, that to truly promote peace, you can't simply take on this ohhh we all can get along with no tough efforts attitude like many yuppies and those who pretend to be hippies and live in a fantasy world of the world is one perpetual sing-song we can get along nothing is wrong we just have to ignore the bad etc etc. crap. you gotta arm yourself with the right information, a healthy dose of reality, bite a lot of bullets, and then go on and try to help guide society away from the bad crap and immorality and onto the right things (universal morals/common sense respectful stuff) without forcing any religious or other stuff on others, because living in a diverse world is awesome, but living in a world that is diverse and full of immorla shit isn't. basically. we don't need a world of diverse ass hats.

speaking f, what the hell is this? -

the only thing i can hope is that they are cleverly making fun of yogi bhajan and his gang of whack jobs, in which case would be really cool. and, as often happens, i have a huge amount of ding dongs who insist on trying to message me even tho i have either rejected their friendships, or deleted them from my friend list for doing some kind of immoral act, and they are too stoopid too reelize dat i no want to tawk to dem or be der oi.

Anyway....i have yet again meandered....back to the stuff. more cute men. being that i am not a christian, my thoughts of the holidays are a bit different. ass all who reads this stuff knows, i see easter and christmas as days to remember that we need to have morals and repsect for others and help them do right all year round. which i guess is my connection for the above. aside from that, there's tons of cute guy references this time of year - we move from scarecrows to gingerbread men, snowmen, to santa claus! wohoooo!

so, basically, you have all kinds of cute and sweet loveliness for the holidays. i don't know about you, but that sure makes MY holidays bright!

Various memories Telly shows and fun shit

Foamy the squirrel tells it like it is about social networks.

i can;t stand (american) football but i thought this was cool. i'd rather see the mascots than the game itself.

EPS OF DARIA ONLINE! daria rocked.....she reminds me alot of my besty grey bard. i used tro love this show.

And, here's a peak into my more stupid days...*shameless moment time* and i confess...i *still* love this show. You'll either think i'm a hypocrate or completely screwy, or both...but i do. it was so stupid, and despite the vulgarity...i had a charm. i remember having to sneak off to see it because either no one would allow me to watch it, or they'd refuse to see it with me. plus, i was not one of the special people to be able to afford my own tv with or without cable in my room. (i wasn;t one of those spoilt chidlren. i came from an different era.) i'm sure i wasn't alone!

this show used to come on after beavis and butthead. it was strange but kinda interesting.

seriously, fuck all these social networks......i would love to see them all phase geocities did (but geocities, of course, was cool. it wasn't a social network, it was the coolest of the free website places. i loved geocities!), and internet tv take its place, as long as it doesn't get ruined by asshole attention whores in their many varieties, such as what so often infests youtube and other similar sites. free speech is great, but it does need a certain amount of control and guidance to keep it great, otherwise, it's just a free for all, and you have to fight the absolute shit to find the cool.

these guys are cool. someone sent me the link to their song 'supergirl'.

also interesting ( reverting back to previously posted my dark shadows post for a moment)

However in the summer of 1967 production was stopped for a couple weeks to convert to color. Starting with episode #295 Dark Shadows was in color. Some have also mentioned that the show seemed spookier in B&W. While people may have their own opinion on the subject, TV networks did seem to go overboard with the use of color when it was first available, which probably plays into that LSD-Technicolor-Rainbow feel that 1960's always seems to evoke.

"Why are some episodes still in black & white?". Dark Shadows was originally recorded on video tape. In the mid-1960's video tape was still a very new and expensive technology. Some ABC affiliate stations did not have the capability to play video tape, so ABC also made B&W Kinescope copies of Dark Shadows episodes so they could be aired in the event that an affiliate could not directly air the original ABC feed from video tape. After the color episodes have started the b&w episodes you are seeing are actually kinescope copies, this is because the original video tape master copies are missing. In fact there are many missing and damaged episodes and all that is left are kinescope copies in Black & White (many of the original B&W video tape episodes are also missing however it is less noticable when subistituted with B&W Kinescope copies). ABC stopped making kinescope copies of DS in 1970 and there is actually 1 episode near the end of the series which is completely missing, however a poor quality audio soundtrack exists which Sci-Fi plays over still images of the characters along with some additional narration by Lara Parker.

OMG...I LOVE online TV - is the original series, soyou can also watch this great show...and i can FINALLY after 50 gagiziliion years see this anytime i damn please without shelling out a few thou for all the dvds...not that i won't do it anyway one day -;paginator;All&season=All

and sanford and son -

AND chico and the maannnnnn! -;paginator;All&season=All

annnnddd...the ghost and mrs. MUIR!!!!!!!!!!!!;paginator;All&season=All

the facts of life -;paginator;All&season=All

mary tyler moore -;paginator;All&season=All

that girl -;paginator;All&season=All

the flying nun -;paginator;All&season=All

father ted -;paginator;All&season=All

waiting for god -;paginator;All&season=All

vicar of dibley -;paginator;All&season=All

are you being served? -;paginator;All&season=All

the golden girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

dark shadows and the beatles

did nirmal singh ever like firangis? honestly? yes, and i still do...depending on who they are. when i was young, i loved dark shadows. dark shadows is a gothic sopa opera, and the only one i could stand. i used to run home from wherver i was just so id not miss an episode. i had baranas's face next to my bed very promintly, i wore my shirts and listen to my dark shadows album with much pride. also, the harrison was my idea of male perfection, and before him was jonatahn frid who played barnabas on dark shadows. i still have about 30 beatle shirts, when my memory was better knew alot of trivia and could memorize a good bit of lyrics. ( i was able to finally aquire a jonathan frid doll. get yours here -

he hangs out with jimmy stweart and my bollywood crew.) also, i loved many actors from the 60's and 70's, as well as many singers, who i will mention from time to time. graham nash, cat stevens, al stewart, gordon lightfoot, randy mantooth, vincent price, ray bolger, edward mulhare and many others are cherished pieces in my life's cherished time capsule.

In some ways it seems so long ago since i first began enjoying dark shadows. like many, i loved barnabas. he held an enigma. he was very old fashioned, gentlemanly, and mature. the entire show itself had an enigma. It was fantasy, yet, it was realistic too. As much as it was said to be corny, it didn't seem so. it seemed more realistic, save the moments of witchcraft, ghosts, vampires, etc. it made me interested in history. i had a huge poster of barnabas. my parents would sometimes get upset because of my devotion. hahah... ah those were the innocent days.

then come the beatles.......the music that spoke to me in so many ways. their musdic helped me find a path, helped me express myself. they were a comfort when i needed it, when no one else seemed to fill the need. their music helped me actually choose better things....especially george's solo work. it laid the groundwork for who id later become. even with dark shadows, i wanted the grace and innonce of many of the girls on the show.

Holy shit number 465.73

Ok. catching you up...this is a sequel to THIS -

After having a crush on a drug dealer who is trying to blackmail me for rides into town, and her roomie trying to help encourage her, she claims that her roommate n another lady who hangs out in their room are pissed at me because i've gone on hiatus for bit. first off, i have enough shit. i'm backing off, because i do not need more of THIS in my life. plus, i was um...under the weather....with concerns of the painful which some folks are lucky enough not to have to deal with. Anyway.....

now mum wants me to 'get to know' the one lady's daughter who is around my age chronoligicsally. however, the lady ad her daughter do pot together, and god only knows what other lovely influences this girl poses on society. she's friendly, so ill be friendly...bjt getting to close will wreck several decades of trying to make myself into a reasonable human being. Plus i still have THAT mess with HER and the drug dealer yet. this is really turning out like some bad movie. ho-boy.

thankfully, i'm smart enough to prefer company such as my besty grey bard who is more mature and i can trust her. i hung out with a few hours with a daughter of my mother's friends a few years back and was mortified. she went to the mall dresed like a slutty cow, and proceeded to a leather shop where she announced out loud, leather makes me horny. real class. she then went on to flirt with others, and it got worse from there. this was one of those things u wish was a dream when u are so drunk you swear you'll quit after u get over the hangover, and you do quit..hoever you realise that A) it's not a dream, and B) you don't drink alchohol in the first place! it's making me homesick for mr. catface n my auntie and uncles so fast....

i lurv NY lol

Like most of my best. most cherished relationships, mine with new york started out like a troubled labour. i knew my father was born there. but i was apprehensive (to say the least) to visit because of what i'd heard. then, my besty grey bard persuaded me to go with her. a few times. well....the first time was enough for me. i fell in love with it.....before i had met mr. kitten. some of my best times were had there. i can't wait to be a full time resident. my permanent address is a NY adress now, but im still in limbo between there and taking care of my mum. one thing i am very happy is i like a place that is not hesitant to take good care of you. they sent me my medical cards and informed me that i will be getting some food stamp benifits and such. it took only a couple weeks. i have been waiting for several years for the same stuff from pennsylvania which never came. don't get me wrong, i love the small town plenty of country air stuff type atmosphere, but i'm not too happy with their slackery in care. and ny says nirmal singh all over it. even some of my favourite fuzonb, junoon and jal songs remind me of NY at night which is one of the most incredible things to experience. even in the rain! i have a love hate relationship (mostly hate) with the west, but this does make the relationship a bit nicer. there are so many things locked into my head and heart that drive me back. my half punjabi grandad was born in pennsylvania, as was most of my other family. it makes me wonder what it was like for him. i was thinking back to stories that he and others told of his father being very abusive, beating him with chains and such. it makes me wonder what kind of person his father really was. and i seem to be really going off the track now, so i'd better cut for now. hahahha!


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