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Beauty school, week 2

my second week of beauty school has nearly commenced. we learned hair cutting this week. yesterday and today were our haircut days.....i was really off the mark yesterday. i hadn't been able to get the coordination down and figure out how to cut without being all butterfingers. my haircut came out really badly. today, i still am not an overnight sucess, but i've managed to improive and actually came out with a decent haircut. i'm sure there were still many mistakes, but it looked much better than yesterday. i'm also surprised what you - what *I* have been able to do with an air former! (hair dryer in the industry's terms). i learned how to use the bursh and and air former to polish the haircut to a nice finish and create 'fish hooks' - slight curls at the bottom which enhance the look. i'm really begining to learn what i was most hoping hoping to, and am enjoying these classes even more. my teacher said to me today she can see i have potential as a cutter. a cutter is the person who does haircuts. this is good, because this is one of my weaker areas, so if she thinks i have a half a chance at THAT, then hopefully i can do well elsewhere too, and be versatile around the salon. as i said in a previous posting, my auntie wants to open a turkish bath spa/salon/restuarant/combo thing in hicksville. why hicksville? beats the living hell out of me, but i'll roll with it. she wants me to manage it. i can even create a great web site for it later on and teach her the business too. she's too busy to take beauty classes herself, but had wanted to. she's thrilled that im doing this, and that means alot. my mother has been outmoded and overall support for me doing this has been high. i'm tired as hell lately, getting up, trying to get my ass out and do what i have to do, but i like it. it's kind of weird - since i'm not living with my mother, it's even more a challenge to get myself up and out the door to school. i have to push myself extra because i don't have her pushing me like when i was a kid. but that makes it even more important! i really am so very glad that i decided to do this. in all honesty, i was getting a bit depressed before. i have alot of things that have been causing this stress, but one biggie was my fruitless efforts in trying to find work. i've been spending so much time looking for work, and my attempts are futile at best. i'd have sparse, short term things that didn't work out after not too long. now, i'm tired as hell when i get up, i drag my ass thru my day, and i come home beat, but i come home knowing i must keep persevering, because there's hope now. i've hopefully created some light at the end of my tunnel. some things are also a challenge, such as my food rationing, and how i can secure the subway fares, but i'm trying very hard.

and to keep me laughging, i have, which is run by famed ventriloquist (and in later years, hotass) paul winchell's daughter, april. she's hilarious and awesome on so many levels. and she reminds me of agent 99 from get smart. then u have,, and some of the other blogs on don't forget subwaydouchery and others like it. our own blog about western bitches is patterned off of these kinds of blogs...the real reality revealing blogs. ironically, i almost considered becoming an atsy seller till i realised how much of a joke most of it is. you'll have a few good things, but alot of idiots. that's what paul's daughter highlights. glad i dodged that bullet, really. she's got one hell of a biting wit, and can use current slang and not seem dated.

lastly, i have taught myself a technique on how to 'paint' with GIMP. i'll post a tut on that later. and sadly, i'm having technical issues with getting my photoshop crack to work. :( will work on that further also. so anyway, ta for now, as that's what i've got for the time being...


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