the continuing saga of the moving mover

It's official...i saw the new place last night. the first weekend of next month, i will be moving again. there are a few things i need to point out, such as that it's not in hillside, it's in hollis, and the room is actually much smaller than what i wanted, but it's chopped up in bits. the actual bed area will allow for JUST my bed. there will be a separate area for my computer, and i'm able to acess the entire house, including the yard and pool at my desire. the price is little more than orginally quoted also, and the woman's son who lives with her was engaged but he and his gf broke up. because of this i will be keeping my head covered whenever he is around. i feel that is best. the lady who will be renting to me was impressed by this. she remembers me from one of the kitty parties my family and i went to years ago. she recalled how well i got on with youngsters that were there. (i used to keep in touch with most of them for a few years, but the one had revealed that he had shameful lustful feelings for a western girl, and i wasn't going to support him, so i distanced myself from him.) the place is in a nice residential neighbourhood, and stores and such are not that far away, plus the subway staion nearby has an elevator, so is i so wish to schlep off to jackson heights or the hillside trade fair, or something, it will be easier for me to do so. i'm hoping to get a folding bicycle, and will be able to bring that with me too. also, if i get sick and tired of being at the house, i can grab my camera bag, and wander off to wherever and take pics, check out interesting stuff, etc. like i did when i first got here. i won't be fabulously wealthy, or anything even close to it, but i will have a bit more money than i have now. i will at least be able to afford my subway pass and to do my laundry properly, instead of washing it by hand. the lady said she'd be happy to share food with me sometimes, so that will help the budget too. the son has some digestive issues and needs the bathroom frequently, but he's often at work, and most likely will be around more when i'm in class, so i'll cope. i've coped so far, i'll continue to cope. catface came and saw my current place. he had originally tried to get me to take this new place, then he changed his mind and tried to convince me to stay where i am last night. i told him that as much as this is nicer in some ways, i really can't realistically afford it right now. i can afford my rent, but that's about it. i can afford my phone which i really need. i cannot however, afford my subway fares, or anything else other than basic hygenic needs. i've literally and figuratively cut out everything i could to save the budget. i stopped getting my nails done for now, i have no other luxuries other than the generous space of this room. sadly, that's the next thing that needs to be cut. i JUST get by right now, and only because ebby helps me with subway fares and occasional needs, but it's tough on him too. he's doing it on his own free will, i havn't asked him for money, but he's made it clear it's getting tough on him. i can't afford to pay him back, and won't be able to yet, but i will help him by making things easier on him and being able to rely on myself more. that's more important right now i think. i will also be able to go to the gurdwara more often. this is something i've not been able to do for months because of my financial state. i asked the advice of wise grey bard, and she agreed. she even said that i'd be crazy NOT to do this. as painful as it seems, she's right. i told catface that he loves me because i do humble with style. when times get tough, i deal with it. he said i'm right. he's told me before that's one of the qualities he loves best about me. i may cry and get upset, but i don't let shit get me down. and i try to always do it with good morals in mind. despite my pale skin and bright blue eyes, my desi heritage shows through in my actions, and those who really know me know this clearly. ( my haters try to say otherwise, but they r mostly western whores on the interent who married indian guys, all of which pretending they r truly in love when they really aren't. they use the guys for attention sex and money, and then try to fool the world into thinking they are happy and true and all that crap. so i consider the source there. their slander against me means little because truth prevails and i know who i am, and i know who THEY are, and THAT kills them inside. :) ) so, will be a bit challenging, and not exactly ideal, but then again, none of my living arrangements have been exactly ideal, so nothing new there. i just have to suck it up and put up with it till either catface and or i can afford better. but it could be much worse, so i have to be grateful. also, looking google, i'm not that far from syed, and it may be easier for irfan to see me, and more frequently. so that's good too. i will keep my head up, my heart bright, and endure. that's why i'm nirmal singh. fuck the fakes. or better yet, not...because that's what they want. :) lol.......

lastly, for a change of pace, i present to you AGNEE. The first vid has both a moth/butterfly (patanga) AND a cute guy with face cotton (balle balle hoi hoi lol). they have a really awesome sound, and oh, yeah...that guy is fuckin' hot. so is the butterfly lol.

Writer's Block: Shhh… Don’t tell

Do you keep your LiveJournal a secret from someone?

yeah, i tried to keep it a secret from these western sluts who married indian asian and arab guys for sex, money and attention. the bitches pretend they really love these guys when they actually don't, and because i have another blog elsewhere that chronicles the fact that they do this, they hate on me. they did find it and tries to slander me....funny thing is they can't even get their facts now i'm like screw em.....worthless gobshites....

moving again? not sure.....

this week heralded a few notes of interest...half of our beauty class ended their run and will move on to the next phase, and new people will come in as we take their place. we did facials and learned about that stuff. it's the end of september. incredible, na?

the bigger news is that there's a chance i may be moving yet again. this time it will not be because i havn't a choice, and am homeless. i don't really want to keep moving, and it will all hinge on the size of the room when i see it. the lowdown is as follows - my family called me to let me know they found an offer for an apartment with rent half the price of my current one. they noted that it has a pool in the yard, nice size closets, a big bathroom, and that the occupants are fellow desi - a mother and son, the son being frequently at work. it sounds nice, really, but like i said, the room size will be very important. i will not live in a room where you put a small single bed in it, and that takes up 90% of the room. before i moved to new york the first time, and last year when i was looking for a new place after i lost the last one, i found this to be a common issue with rooms, especially with lower rent rooms. however, if i do move, it will mean that i can afford my transportation every month, i can afford to get my nails done again, my laundry washed at the landromat instead of struggling to hand wash it, and be able to eat out once in, we'll see. if the room size is far too small, then i won't have a choice. if it is workable to any extent, then i will go for it. i'm being a bit more size lenient than i was, because i have less things that i own than i did before, but i still do not want a room where i can't at least make it seem like a small studio. i would feel squeezed in (although i'm not really claustrophobic under normal circumstances, with the exceptions of crowded elevators in extreme heat), and it would remind me more in unnecessary ways of how poverty stricken i am. now a reminder that i really need, by the way. i will miss my lovely view overlooking the LIE, and some of the conveniences where i am, but they won't be too far away. i may also try to get a folding bike if i move. this will make travel cheaper sometimes, and possibly more convenient. i will make sure to have both front and back baskets, as well as weather shielding materials.

laslty, i've been forgetting to report this for a bit now -

for those who r die hard on trying to make me see what is immoral about NOT being a vegetarian, i give you this -

now, i very well understand that peta is infamous for being radical, and in fact very hypocritical because they claim they fight exploitation of animals (which, in theory is wonderful...and in true practice infinity times as wonderful), however, they use scantily clad women, or worse even...naked women to promote their beliefs. this has for years put a bad taste in my mouth. i still respect those who choose to be veg for honest reasons, but do not wish to be one myself. now i have have EVEN MORE reasons to NOT become veg. the very same peta is coming out with their very own porn site....yes that's right...basically the idea is, let's really use sex and immorality to prevent cruelty to animals no matter what bullshit excuse we try to spew. we know what sells. well, fuck you up your dirty radical asses, peta.....your name should be pita instead - pain in the ass.....and i'll go as far as to add in your FUCKIN' asses! what is worse to morality? eating meat or porn?! Definitely the latter, and with that even worse image in my mind, i think i hope it will turn OFF many other people and make peta take a long hard look at their self. u don't find what u see as immoral with MORE immorality. it DOES make me wanna sit in front of all the peta folks, gnawing on a huge steak and shrimp n all, laughing like hell as they cringe and point and shit their panties!

that's basically what i have to report for this week.....

Writer's Block: BFF

How long have you had your best friend?

my best friend and i have been such for well over half our lives. we first met in 3rd standard, when we put together by staff. at that time she thought i was kinda wonky but nice. she helped me out and gave me a lovely necklace which i cherished. we did wind up parting ways temporarily. we would come together again in 6th. we were both going through awkward stages, and other friends who once seemed so close started to flee us both for adolescent excuses. we bonded more and more and became closer. over the years, we have dealt with many a crisis, and have stayed strong friends. our families even laugh how we have both moved to another state, both winding up in the same state, around the same distance we were from each other in the old state. we will do our best to stay lifelong friends, and both have a strong feeling this will happen! she knows me better than anyone, sometimes even better than myself. she's like a real sister...but better.

weekly roundup


another week has escaped us. autumn in new york has officially started, though it thankfully still feels quite warm, albeit more frequently rainy. summer has had it's last gasps before it starts to get the chill on. this coming week will signal 4 days of facials. it's been a tiring week, busy, moody, sometimes shitty and full of tarty prats, other times somewhat enjoyable. last night was wonderful. i got to see syed last night. we went for our usual roundabout. we spend such a simple time together, but yet it's very sweet and relaxing. it refreshes the heart for a short time.


in the food district, i found that entenmann's makes madeleines now. they are heavenly......sweet, fluffy, with a slight crust. you can pair them with fruit or dark chocolate, or whatever else you require. also, i had no idea that 4-c was still around. i went to get the lunches for the week and found that they are indeed still around. i havnt had 4c products since the 80's!

also found some nice music -

yasa is a punjabi singer, and has an album called hidden desires.

and this interesting song from 7 khoon maaf which i really want to see. it's inspired by a russian song called kalinka, but is actually a hindi song. it's rather fun!

 Usha Uthup & Rekha Bharadwaj - - Darling - www.DJMaza.Com .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

or see the video here -

also, i was able to download waiting for god and are you being served? . i missed being able to see these programmes, and am happy to enjoy them again.

lastly, i have a new student finally. a georgian family wants me to help their son learn computer related stuff. i will see what i can do!

various rambilationz

well, it's been a couple weeks since i shared my what nots with the world, so here we fuckin' are again....

i've done my first 2 week hair cutting session, and ebby was my first live model/guinea pig. he was pleased with what i did...i trimmed him last night. i asked him to get me more clients. we did haircolour this past week and this upcoming week will be the last for this rotation of 2 weekers, before we go to advanced. lesson to keep in mind: never allow a shortage of hairdye between two desperate women, especially when one is young and immature, yet wealthy enough to afford her own, and the the other is is older, yet poor and struggling. not a pretty sight. otherwise, it's going ok. i'm nowhere close to what you see in the salon, as i've not had years of practice, but i'm not too bad. there's hope. i did really well working with my partner in a workshop, and learned about mixing colour and what the colour levels stand for. i also learned how to do highlights.

i lost my reduced fare metro card a few days ago, which has made affording transportation dicy....waiting for it to arrive to be replaced. i finally saw my student, who has now become infatuated with french guys. that's fine because she's russian, so it's still european. adds a little flair with diversity, yet not overly crazy, so that's good. she wanted advice, and we incorperated advicing and english tutoring into one thing. the weather has changed for a few days - we've gotten our first taste of autumn. the city is a wonderful breeding ground for curiosity, even in the colder months.

my firefox stopped opens but won't go to any site. i thought i was having an issue connecting to the internet. turns out it wasn't that. it's just some unkown issue with mozilla. i had to switch to google chrome. at first it didn't thrill me, but i found it better than IE, but liked mozilla better. as i'm using it more, i'm liking it more. it's pretty much on par with firefox i think now, but i do have a few bitches and moans still. 1st, you can't bypass websites/pages that block rightclicking by turning off the java script (that i'm aware of at this point), and there's no download helper type thing in the apps section yet for it. however, since needing to mention the apps store -

there's loads of free shit there...themes, games, and more. that pleases me very much. gotta say, i'd love to see social networks die out, and apps become the popular thing to replace them, as long as the assholes who shitted up facebook,myspace, and the other social network sites or even etsy for god sake, which at one time could have had great potential but were nuked in that respect because of them would stay the flying burning fuck away from creating apps. that would rock. just normal, every day, cool people from around the world who don't use the net to act like a shit stain.

also, i understand beavis and butthead r premiering on 27 october...can't wait!

in food news, i tried some sharon's sorbet. for u veggers out there, it's vegan. for me, it's dairy free, which is good because my body can only handle so much dairy before i get nasty reeling indigestion.
and as another season ends, and a new one approcahes, i think back to my first year here in the city. i'm asked soemtimes would i go back to PA? yes, to visit only. would i ever move anywhere else, like caliornia? hell no. new york city is amde for me, and me for it. i'd cosndier moving bck to jammu, but then again....i'm only part indian, and would probably not fully fit in. there r white bitches who marry to an indian bastard, then move to india to try to fulfill their fucked up fantasies. they either give up, or continue to pretend they r happy for attention. i'm about being true. if i find a place that suits me, i see. but so far new york city suits me best. i especially have no desire to move down south or out west.

oh and lastly, check this out.....HILARIOUS...

Tron review

last week, grey bard had me over to her place, and we saw tron. it was really pretty good. it was very orson welles' 1984 in a way, and surrealistic, but interesting. also, gotta admit, it's kinda ironic to see how we thought of computers back then, and how new they still were. i thought the light up outfits were cool (who the hell doesn't, i mean come on!). it wasnt one of those films that is awe inspiring at least because though i do love computers, i'm not enough of a geek to enjoy from that obsessive aspect, but it was cool nonetheless. you don't HAVE to be a geek to enjoy it. it's funny, i remember my father having a commodore, which was one of the first pc's. he and his friends used to play dungeons and dragons on it when i was a kid. they'd play till 4 in the morning. bored the hell out of me, but i managed to entertain myself somehow. lol.

Beauty school, week 2

my second week of beauty school has nearly commenced. we learned hair cutting this week. yesterday and today were our haircut days.....i was really off the mark yesterday. i hadn't been able to get the coordination down and figure out how to cut without being all butterfingers. my haircut came out really badly. today, i still am not an overnight sucess, but i've managed to improive and actually came out with a decent haircut. i'm sure there were still many mistakes, but it looked much better than yesterday. i'm also surprised what you - what *I* have been able to do with an air former! (hair dryer in the industry's terms). i learned how to use the bursh and and air former to polish the haircut to a nice finish and create 'fish hooks' - slight curls at the bottom which enhance the look. i'm really begining to learn what i was most hoping hoping to, and am enjoying these classes even more. my teacher said to me today she can see i have potential as a cutter. a cutter is the person who does haircuts. this is good, because this is one of my weaker areas, so if she thinks i have a half a chance at THAT, then hopefully i can do well elsewhere too, and be versatile around the salon. as i said in a previous posting, my auntie wants to open a turkish bath spa/salon/restuarant/combo thing in hicksville. why hicksville? beats the living hell out of me, but i'll roll with it. she wants me to manage it. i can even create a great web site for it later on and teach her the business too. she's too busy to take beauty classes herself, but had wanted to. she's thrilled that im doing this, and that means alot. my mother has been outmoded and overall support for me doing this has been high. i'm tired as hell lately, getting up, trying to get my ass out and do what i have to do, but i like it. it's kind of weird - since i'm not living with my mother, it's even more a challenge to get myself up and out the door to school. i have to push myself extra because i don't have her pushing me like when i was a kid. but that makes it even more important! i really am so very glad that i decided to do this. in all honesty, i was getting a bit depressed before. i have alot of things that have been causing this stress, but one biggie was my fruitless efforts in trying to find work. i've been spending so much time looking for work, and my attempts are futile at best. i'd have sparse, short term things that didn't work out after not too long. now, i'm tired as hell when i get up, i drag my ass thru my day, and i come home beat, but i come home knowing i must keep persevering, because there's hope now. i've hopefully created some light at the end of my tunnel. some things are also a challenge, such as my food rationing, and how i can secure the subway fares, but i'm trying very hard.

and to keep me laughging, i have, which is run by famed ventriloquist (and in later years, hotass) paul winchell's daughter, april. she's hilarious and awesome on so many levels. and she reminds me of agent 99 from get smart. then u have,, and some of the other blogs on don't forget subwaydouchery and others like it. our own blog about western bitches is patterned off of these kinds of blogs...the real reality revealing blogs. ironically, i almost considered becoming an atsy seller till i realised how much of a joke most of it is. you'll have a few good things, but alot of idiots. that's what paul's daughter highlights. glad i dodged that bullet, really. she's got one hell of a biting wit, and can use current slang and not seem dated.

lastly, i have taught myself a technique on how to 'paint' with GIMP. i'll post a tut on that later. and sadly, i'm having technical issues with getting my photoshop crack to work. :( will work on that further also. so anyway, ta for now, as that's what i've got for the time being...

Writer's Block: Everybody hurts

Have you or a friend ever been bullied? How did you get through it?

wow...many times. when i was in school, i was most likely the single most loathed person there just because i didn't fit in. i endured all kinds of torture, including years of name calling, horrific rumors, items of mine stolen and flushed down the toilet, physical abuse, a cindi lauper cassette thrown at me and being named cindi lauper (though i did enjoy the free cassette), and much much more. it scarred me for years and helped me develop an acute sense of reality towards people. my best friend also had received much torture, and it made our friendship that much stronger.

even now, those years are gone, and i don't give a rat's ass about those people or what they have to say, and i stick up for what is right, and respect for the right people. i have many haters who r scumbags and trashy whores that bully me now, making up crap about me on the net, even so far as to make their little sims character villains in my image (and what they incorrectly think is my name). my team and i have a blog about how western girls exploit eastern guys by romancing them for attention, sex, and money. i am of mixed race - my grandfather's mother was indian and married a white guy, and i don't look very indian, so this causes many assholes to inccorectly say that i'm white in an effort to abuse me. they are always either supporters of said shameful girls, or the shameful girls who are mentioned in our blog postings.

the irony is, as much as it all hurts, it does make me stronger. it makes my eyes more open to reality, it makes me more able to understand reality better and not sugarcoat things, and helps me to be genuine and not another fake who does this or that to kiss another's ass. it makes me...ME. and purely, original ME. my neighbour tells me that i'm a minority...not in a bad way - i'm a minority because very few people think like i do, and are brave enough to be as i am, and i'm proud of that. those who know me also like this trait in me very much. they find this one of my most attractive (if sometimes annoying) traits.

i had to literally laugh about many things and not let others think they were able to make me weak. because despite that it may still hurt inside, when they can't get to me, i've won. it IS tough when you have immoral fucktards who decide they think they did nothing wrong and that they try to use the tactic, but remember who you are, and as long as u r real, true, and a good respectful person, in the end, fuck 'em....they're still fake and nothing they try to do or pretend can or will change that, no matter how well off and happy they seem. their illusion is simply as thick as pea soup and just getting thicker. don't let it bring you down. same for your bullies - they live in illusion too, and unless they really do have a good reason to harrass you, fuck 'em. as long as you don't give an honest to god good ass reason for them, then it's their problem. they r showing you what loser scumbags they are. next time they come up to you and start something, laugh at them. just laugh. don't say a word, just laugh. it will stop them in their tracks. and if you are a really cool, but misunderstood person, you are welcome to be friends with me. i'll be there for you.

so be real, respect urself, respect others, respect ur culture and others, stick to ur culture or a similar one (western cultures with western cultures, doesn't matter - black, white, latino can mix well, and eastern with eastern cultures, but not western girls with eastern guys. western guys can be with eastern girls, and gay/lesbian couples can have interracial east/west relationships because their natural behaviours are different) and don't let others try to bring u down. in fact, laugh at them. you can even mock them back. one day, when i was being teased horribly, i simply laughed back at the person and it scared the hell out of him. gradually he'd tease me less. when he tried, i'd just laugh and think of that day. after awhile, he no longer could conquer me. and he was one of the biggest school bullies.


what's the best way to wait out a hurricane (as long as you're not close enough to have major damage) ? grab your iced tea candy (cuz you KNOW u'll be missing summer and all this fun soon enough!), your clams casino, whatever beverage (or beverages) suits your fancy, an entenmann's devil's food cake, good music and or movie/tv recordings on the ol PC, and sit back and watch the weekend unfold. then, sleep, pig out, and be as lazy as you damn please.

with that in mind, i present to you some great findings -

first up, tea candies!,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2c2772292abb57a2&biw=1334&bih=776

i have not yet tried the bali's best iced tea candies or the ice breakers iced tea, but judging from the bali's best green tea candies, i'm sure the iced tea ones will be ROCKING. the go lightly's are fantastic. they really tatse like iced tea, and being sugarfree actually does them good, they're not overly sweet. (yea, praising sugar free is a RAR-I-TEE so enjoy it whilst it lasts!)

this girl looks like leah remini! :)

this one, she seems familiar, but can't figure out why. maybe because she has 'that' face - in this case, 'that' face being the kind of face that the friends i'd hang out with would have. down to earth, fun, beautiful because they are real and sane and not screwy freaks. they are quirky, complex,interesting, harmless people. the kind that makes you smile on the street, the kind that make you think the world isn't so bad, even the western half...for five minutes or so before you're snapped back to reality and see the rest of the drivel, excluding you and these gems of people.

i like these girls' blogs, because they have some really fun stuff. they don't try to pretend to be anything they're not, and are just relaxing to read. these girls don't try too hard to impress you with some kind of crap or other. this is good stuff. these are western girls who rock, and who make me think of western culture a little less negatively. thanks for that!

and we have TWO more cool blogs! these are from two different girls (and yes, they are westerners, not indian, amazing huh?)

here's the first -

and the second -

the latter has a lot of sci fi stuff, which i find amusing, although to confess, i'm not a huge sci fi nut, but there's other awesomeness there too which isn't sci fi, and the sci fi postings she has there in general made even me laugh. she has all kinds of random cool stuff, including alot of food postings. she's also a fellow new yorker. the former i think seems to be quite young, fresh out of high school, do forgive me if i'm wrong. she may have been from new jersey and moved out west. again, not 100% sure. also, look to the right hand side of her blog, at the rotating pictures. hilarious!

and i finally got some shots of syed....(i've done my best to resize them a bit, the orginals are very tiny.)

he doesn't have dhari or muccha, but he is sooo cute anyway. i'm not sure if he looks better in his vest, as shown here, or in his button down shirt and dress pants, which is how i usually see him. we were skyping each other last night, and plan to hang out together on staurday (prolly saturday night, though i wish we'd hang out all day, but oh well.....can't be choosy can we now). he's very polite, very strict and respectful. he's wonderful to be around. he's very soft and smooth so i call him titli or velvet. because he's soft like butterfly wings or velvet.

also, i'm kinda glad i did miss the bhangra thing in union square. (yea, i know, dare i say such a thing...but wait, i have a good reason for it.)their website has a bunch of creepy western girls in ghidda gear trying to do bhangra and look punjabi. there were no western guys in the pics doing bhangra. if they reschedule, i'm skipping it. i want real bhangra, not crap that appeases freaks. no thanQ.

oddly enough, i was also thinking of some old books i loved as a child. a couple of them are -

tikki tikki tembo -

and leo the late bloomer -

captain furface -

this book reminded me of an imaginary superhero i had created as a kid. i had this shirt that was printed with what looked like a superhero costume on it. i had two of them. one was red, yellow, and white and had a pheonix on it, and the other was green and black, and i believe had a cat on the belt that was printed on it. so i took a baby blanket that was mint green, tied it around my neck, and 'became' strong cat. when i was much older i created another superhero named draculan, after becoming a big dark shadows fan. the backstory on that was that the girl who became draculan was an orphan, and was adopted by a bachelor named jonathan, who was heavily based on jonathan frid and his barnabas character, except he wasn't a vampire, and the only connections that he had to dark shadows was the look that frid's character, barnabas, had in the show. i did not want any plots from the show intermixed in this. in fact, in the plot for draculan, frid was an actor who had once worked on the show, but had been trying to rid himself of his typecast, and very few referneces to the show were made. (can't lie to u though, the real life frid looked hot as hell in tight pants. they made him wear them during the colonial periods on dark shadows...meeeYOWzah!)

space cat -

and i believe 'time cat' -

this one seems familiar, and seems to be the book i had, but none of the covers appear to be what i had remembered. had it only a short while, and have been trying to hunt it down for years -

rice bowl pet -

and of course, a host of ezra jack keats books.

speaking of, did u ever read about his life?

' From a very young age, Ezra found great joy in making pictures. Ezra couldn't afford art supplies, so he created pictures from scraps of wood, cloth and any paper that he could collect. Benjamin Katz didn't approve of his son's affection for making art and insisted that an artist lives a terrible, hungry life. Perhaps to prove this point, Mr. Katz would bring home paint and brushes home from the restaurant saying "If you don’t think artists starve, well, let me tell you. One man came in the other day and swapped me a tube of paint for a bowl of soup.”

Ezra attended Thomas Jefferson High School, where he won a national contest run by the Scholastic Publishing Company for an oil painting depicting unemployed men warming themselves around a fire.[1] Upon graduation from high school, Ezra was awarded the senior class’s medal for excellence in art. Benjamin Katz died in the street of a heart attack in January 1935, on the day before Ezra was to receive this award. Ezra was called upon to identify the body, and it was then that he discovered in his father’s wallet the carefully preserved newspaper clippings that reported on the notable artistic achievements of his son.

Ezra worked under the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as a mural painter, after which, he began illustrating comic books and worked for the Captain Marvel comic strip. In 1943, Keats entered the service of the United States Army, where he designed camouflage patterns. After returning home, Ezra illustrated for The Reader’s Digest, The New York Times Book Review, Colliers and Playboy, among others. Two years after the war, in reaction to the anti-Semitic prejudices of the time, Ezra legally changed his name to Ezra Jack Keats.'

he was also one of the intrepid people who were brave enough to show african americans in a new light -

'In the two years that followed, Keats worked on a book featuring a little boy named Peter. An article Keats had clipped from Life magazine in 1940 inspired Peter. “Then began an experience that turned my life around — working on a book with a black kid as hero. None of the manuscripts I’d been illustrating featured any black kids — except for token blacks in the background. My book would have him there simply because he should have been there all along. Years before I had cut from a magazine a strip of photos of a little black boy. I often put them on my studio walls before I’d begun to illustrate children’s books. I just loved looking at him. This was the child who would be the hero of my book.”'

i had a lot of books as a kid, but these were some standouts.

another cute blog - a guy and his cat...his sphynx cat who is adorable!

about the hurriane, rego park had some trees down n stuff blown about but no major damage.

lastly, i can officially testify that i've had my first week of beauty school. i dont really have much in common with my classmates, but we all get along well. i even went out to lunch with some of them the one day. we are of different ages, races, and backgrounds, but we get along and have fun. that was my biggest concern i think.....i mean i'm older n i dont care if i don't fit in with anyone, but when they r going to be performing cosmetic services on your body, there a certain trust that needs to be there. i'm sure you can understand! so, anyway, it's been really fun. i dont think i ever will feel like i fit in completely anywhere just because i'm a comnplex person who doesn't fit any one certain category by nature, and i have to accept it, and embrace it.