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right place right time OR: my 15 minutes

I woke up this morning rather cold. I dressed as usual, and hopped in the bug. On my way to the nursing home i thought to myself (and probably out loud, as i often do when i'm alone) over my awesome desi stuff playing on the ipod....'shit, i have to stop at the thrift shop and get me a jacket.' it was -7 c (20 f)this am! I have a great black cardigan that's gotten me thru the winter pretty well so far. That is as long as i can get from door - to bug - to door. This morning was one of those ' just too precious' moments when i decided...nah...not good enough, im not *that* brave. so after having a little chat in hindi with my buddy at the local 7 11 ( i pick up a juice or soda most mornings, as sometimes some grub), i headed to the aforementioned thrift shop. AS i opened the door, i almost knocked over some camera equipment (yea i know, clumsy me nah?) and apologized for it. I thought they were doing some photography for a newspaper article or new advert or something to that extent) I made may way to the coats area, at which point a guy said to me 'we are shooting a commercial, would you mind being shot? i said nope, not at all! they shot me checking out stuff (namely - pants), and somewhere in this, i found this adorable little stop light lamp. A few years ago, this seedy guy we bought a car from had a similar one in his shop, but it has painted two tone - black and white. i was tempted to steal it, in all honesty! i didn't, however, and instead spent years looking for a similar one. this one has a bit of a crack on one side, in the plastic of the one green light covers, but can be hidden. Knowing me, when i get to display the thing, it won't matter because it will join my typical random nirmal-y collage style assortment that makes up my style, and often causes a few chuckles. until things went crazy around here, i had an ik onkar, little hindu god, and bhuddha sitting atop my computer monitor ( the idea was that all faiths r equal), and had various cool crap around it that made me smile. an om hanging lantern, a chinese lantern, jackie chan, a spanish dancer, beatles lava lamp, cats wit a hat, my swear jar with various joss sticks, these funky jelly stress relievers with funny faces, etc. You get the idea. this will fit in great with all that. anyway, back to the coolest, yeah..they asked me to smile, and pose a bit with stuff, looking as though i was naturally enjoying being there. Oddly enough, it didn't take much effort. thank god they didn't catch me on the days when i used to to the thrift shop in tears, trying to escape some mess going on at home for a bit. usually a fight or something, which would leave me rummaging bout, eyeliner streaking from tears, etc. I really confess that i was having quite a ball doing this thing. i didnt get paid money for it, but i don't care. i had a fun time and might be seen on local tv...that's cool enough payment for me! they also shot me at the checkout. Just proves i get caught everytime hahaha! a few other people in the store also had their chance, and some others politely refused. I honestly didn't want to leave, but i had an appointment that i needed to keep. here's the part where i start to fantasize (with every right to do so lol) - it would be cool if someone spotted me in that thing, and decided oh, we like your look, come do some other commercials, makeup adverts, you get the idea..... who *could* happen..maybe! *On a related note, i was spotted in footage from last musikfest on another local station getting my polka on. Yeah, i've probably confessed this somewhere - i do love polka. my grandad may have been half indian, but he was also half polish, and we used to sit and watch those polka footages together. I really enjoyed getting my polk on, because it reminded me of those days...those happy days when i'd sit on my grandad's lap, and we'd sing along, laugh and move along to it. it also helps keep him alive in my heart. i really wish i could get a copy of that stuff to put on youtube or google video or something! (will try to look into it!)


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