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moving again? not sure.....

this week heralded a few notes of interest...half of our beauty class ended their run and will move on to the next phase, and new people will come in as we take their place. we did facials and learned about that stuff. it's the end of september. incredible, na?

the bigger news is that there's a chance i may be moving yet again. this time it will not be because i havn't a choice, and am homeless. i don't really want to keep moving, and it will all hinge on the size of the room when i see it. the lowdown is as follows - my family called me to let me know they found an offer for an apartment with rent half the price of my current one. they noted that it has a pool in the yard, nice size closets, a big bathroom, and that the occupants are fellow desi - a mother and son, the son being frequently at work. it sounds nice, really, but like i said, the room size will be very important. i will not live in a room where you put a small single bed in it, and that takes up 90% of the room. before i moved to new york the first time, and last year when i was looking for a new place after i lost the last one, i found this to be a common issue with rooms, especially with lower rent rooms. however, if i do move, it will mean that i can afford my transportation every month, i can afford to get my nails done again, my laundry washed at the landromat instead of struggling to hand wash it, and be able to eat out once in, we'll see. if the room size is far too small, then i won't have a choice. if it is workable to any extent, then i will go for it. i'm being a bit more size lenient than i was, because i have less things that i own than i did before, but i still do not want a room where i can't at least make it seem like a small studio. i would feel squeezed in (although i'm not really claustrophobic under normal circumstances, with the exceptions of crowded elevators in extreme heat), and it would remind me more in unnecessary ways of how poverty stricken i am. now a reminder that i really need, by the way. i will miss my lovely view overlooking the LIE, and some of the conveniences where i am, but they won't be too far away. i may also try to get a folding bike if i move. this will make travel cheaper sometimes, and possibly more convenient. i will make sure to have both front and back baskets, as well as weather shielding materials.

laslty, i've been forgetting to report this for a bit now -

for those who r die hard on trying to make me see what is immoral about NOT being a vegetarian, i give you this -

now, i very well understand that peta is infamous for being radical, and in fact very hypocritical because they claim they fight exploitation of animals (which, in theory is wonderful...and in true practice infinity times as wonderful), however, they use scantily clad women, or worse even...naked women to promote their beliefs. this has for years put a bad taste in my mouth. i still respect those who choose to be veg for honest reasons, but do not wish to be one myself. now i have have EVEN MORE reasons to NOT become veg. the very same peta is coming out with their very own porn site....yes that's right...basically the idea is, let's really use sex and immorality to prevent cruelty to animals no matter what bullshit excuse we try to spew. we know what sells. well, fuck you up your dirty radical asses, peta.....your name should be pita instead - pain in the ass.....and i'll go as far as to add in your FUCKIN' asses! what is worse to morality? eating meat or porn?! Definitely the latter, and with that even worse image in my mind, i think i hope it will turn OFF many other people and make peta take a long hard look at their self. u don't find what u see as immoral with MORE immorality. it DOES make me wanna sit in front of all the peta folks, gnawing on a huge steak and shrimp n all, laughing like hell as they cringe and point and shit their panties!

that's basically what i have to report for this week.....


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