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some things i found over the weekend

God i found things that bring back serious memories. I fund and washed the shirt that i wore the night i met joginder ( )making history and damn near strapped myself to the slushie machine until he and the other sardars wrking with him that night would peacefully give up and came home with me and my extra large slushie (cuz i do it in grand style). it says 'get a charge out of life, sleep with an electrician'. my former friends took me to cheer me up after i'd been recooperating from a bad something i'd caught during the freakin summer! this was back when i was a rebel.....well ok, for me that entailed basically wearing notty shirts so i could laugh at ppl's reactions.

i also found a tea i have not had since i was a kid. it's very relaxing, especially for a lazy sunday. god t enjoy whilst watching a good film. what makes it even better is that it's at the market a few doors up from me, is in plentiful quantities there, and is 2 bucks a box. it's yamamotoyama's Genmai-cha and Hoji-cha. genmai is roasted brown rice and green tea, and hoji is roasted green tea. (yamamoyoyama is also associtated with one of MY fav tea companies, stash - ) It has a delightful light, smoky body...not as intense as caravan tea (Russian Caravan is a blend of Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong teas, and is roasted to give it the distinct flavour, and in its own right, Lapsang souchong has its spotlight shining brightly on itself.). When it comes to tea or coffee, i love it all (except, of course the yogi tea brand, which though the tea quality itself isn't bad, its produced to fund the cult f faker westerners who pretend to be sikh to brainwash and hurt real sikhs, and i stand tall against that. read up on the truth abut them here - ) Anyway (yep i get that word into every flippin' post hahah), when it comes to teas, my taste are as eclectic as my other food loves. i like green, black, herbals, fruity flavoured, etc. but the smoky varieties have a special place in my heart. they are a more rare breed, much like myself i guess. and i d need a deviation from the fruity and others sometimes. the smokies have a wonderful reputation of being versatile.

in another region of things, i must confess i don't get the whole thing behind lady gaga. i'm sorry if i upset anyone, but i just don't. i don't wish evil nasty things to happen t her like i'm tempted to feel towards some others, but i just don't get her and dn't give enough of a damn to try. her pker face sng was slightly amusing, and i applaud her gay right stuff, though i'm smart enough t see thru her and know deep down it's publicity. she's supposedly deep int women's rights, and wmen do deserve rights, but even the whole women's right movement has, over the years, gne frm a really good thing to an ego fluffer women vs. men thing. been there dne that and gave up on caring about that silliness, so, moving on. there was a time (when i was an impressionable 12-14 year old) that i had created an earth friendly group i called earth angels. the plan was to do all kinds of cliche'd things....women's rights, enviremtnal stuff, etc. and in its essence it was a great thing...and t this day i still try to do certain things, but without the cliches, without making myself like like a yuppy or anything. i've learned the importance of reality n nt trying to live in a fantasy world pretending to be this and that. anyway, now that ive had my rant hahah - i have finally find the coolest look she has ever attempted n the look she should forever adopt for the rest of her career doing her one person circus performance. meat dress? na. bubble dress? no. underwear outfit? hell no! flame shooting bra? nope. rubber dress? nyet. huge shoulder pads? nahi.....


she supposedly dressed in drag fr a few interviews and hommes japan n stuff. and looks like a very convincing young man (for the sake of rib poking i will even say good looking). u really have to do a double take. its really got more class than her other dumb shock ideas which were cool for about 5 mins, but get boring considering the mix of gwen stefani/elton john/david bowie thing only lasts so long considering the afformentioned have already done it and only the latter two really rocked it well. she actually looks more 'real', less like she/he is trying t fake it fr the cameras and seek attention. i'm dying to find another person who is also not into the whole gaga thing nd isnt afraid t say it. kind of errie, and sad, yet if this had been the real her i'd have had more admiration fr her. even poker face would have rocked more in this getup. and imagine what she could really do dressing as various men. that would be really cool. and frankly, she could use a cutback in her spending as apparently her getups r costing more than she brings in -

so there u have it. i've solved one celebrity's problems (well some of them at least.)! imagine what i could do for the rest...n get much more snarkey hehehe :)

and finally when i was at trade fair, i picked up these fabulous clic brand sumthing or others. i really have no idea what these wrapped sweet things r but damn they r good. they were nestled between baklava and some there middle eastern treat that i also picked up. they looked incredibly interesting. i d wish i knew what the hell they were called exactly though.


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